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Workshops for Women

Expression Through Painting w/ Ceremonial Cacao & Meditation

This is a  journey of self-love and expression through painting.

Every woman has the ability to express themselves through colour and creativity. Painting is one of the most primitive ways to connect with your inner self so it’s time to demystify the world of art and the ability needed to enjoy and create beautiful pieces of artwork. 

This short introductory workshop will focus on connection, colour, liberation and most importantly fun! 

About this workshop

This workshop is focused on re-setting, coming back to simple pleasures like finding a beautiful palette that really resonates with your heart and then you’ll be armed with demonstrated painting techniques and tools to liberate the Freda within! 

We’ll start with a beautiful visualisation meditation with the option of cacao or rose tea, both powerful and sacred heart-opening plants that will help you connect to your heart energy – and by doing so we’ll then find the palette that’s really calling to you.

I want to give others the opportunity to really connect with colour so that’s why I provide the Winsor & Newton Galeria range – where the pigments are the same as the premium artist quality paints. This makes such a difference; the better the pigment the more depth, subtlety and beauty within the tone. I then spend a lot of time carefully mixing the paints and creating palettes so you have a lush selection to choose from. I hope this will also empower you when walking into an art supply store, which can sometimes feel a little daunting with the overwhelming choice of products. At the workshop, you can make a note of what colours have resonated with you, I’ll tell you the colour recipe, and how to mix and voila! This will be a brilliant starting point for your own collection.

My own practice is rooted in connection and letting what’s inside emerge in a candid way. There are many ways in which we express or expel energy – dancing, singing, running, swimming, going to the gym… but often we feel art isn’t open to us in the same way, in this workshop I want to dispel any trepidation around painting, from colour choices to mark-making. I hope to give you the confidence to make beautiful pieces of art that not only look good but really reflect and connect to you. 

Learning this practice of centring the mind and spirit before expression can be profound and joyful. If you feel called to come on this nourishing journey of self-love and expression please contact me if you would like to book a group session – ideal for 4 people. Alternatively, you can sign up for the newsletter for up-and-coming workshops.

I’m so looking forward to meeting and supporting you as you tap into one of the most amazingly expressive outlets we have – art. 

About Seil Lien

Seil Lien is a multi-medium artist with varied disciplines of expression primarily using painting and music. Making improvised music in the early noughties Seil began applying the same process to her artwork, trying not to get absorbed in conscious thought with the focus on channelling pure expression. ” Over the years I’ve focused my practice on creating a state of internal silence so as to extract what’s already inside in the most honest way I can. I find the only way I can do it is to really empty myself of thought and intention.” 

Seil studied Visual Communication at Robert Gordon’s School of Art 20 years ago and currently works from her studio in west London. Seil has recently released her debut album, Shatter – songs of which were featured in the Boots No7 Inspirational Women’s Ad Campaign and on programs such as Long Way Up and Wynonna Earp. Seil is currently working on merging her music and painting for her next project.

* Please note that this is a safe space for all women/ trans women.

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