‘Worry Rug’ ( Do Not Leave the Circle of Sunshine)


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Worry Rug (Do Not Leave the Circle of Sunshine)
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Text on print:
‘The worry rug. Sweep all thoughts beneath and I will keep them and you can dance on them. Sweep sweep.’

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‘Worry Rug’ was made for the Riverside Artists Group exhibition ‘Mayday Mayday’. May 2023

“The show theme – ‘Mayday Mayday’ references the international distress call. Currently, the feeling we are in crisis has never been stronger. Efforts to manage one’s affairs become harder and politicians use double-talk in which often the opposite of what is said is true. The conflict in Ukraine presents a danger while the climate crisis is a reality. ‘Innovative and diverse, RAG’s images reflect our times.”

Seil’s response – “If the world is falling apart but I’m on my phone watching cat videos, is the world falling apart?”

‘Worry Rug’ comments on the collective anxiety of a world overwhelmed with frictions of biblical proportion; from a world on fire, ceaseless wars, to mass displacement. With this has come a general feeling of powerlessness which has swiftly led us to surrender one of our most valuable assets – our attention. We have been seduced by distraction and we need not cry for help so long as one does not raise their head from the parapet of avatar life.

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Archival Matte paper (smooth), Grain Paper 250g ( textured)