Seil Lien is the multi medium artist with varied disciplines of expression primarily using painting and music.
Seil says “My grandfather was an artist who practiced Chinese traditional painting however in his later years broke out of the boundaries of this practice into abstraction. I think there’s something extremely special about the place where East and West meet. Born to Celtic and Chinese heritage I feel like I belong in that place, when I look at the works of Che Teh-Chung and Zao Wou Ki it gives me a sense of home – masters of that cultural union it inspires me to explore my roots and my voice within it”.

Working from her studio in west London Seil has recently released her debut album, Shatter and is currently working on merging her music and painting for her next project.

Seil Lien is the current Chair of ArtWest London – a community of 30+ artists in NW10 who annually open their studios together and participate in local outreach work. More information at ArtWest London.

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